Dig In & Drink Up: Soda Your Way

At Fiiz Drinks

Beat the heat with a refreshing stop at Fiiz Drinks soda shop in Fuquay-Varina, and treat yourself to one of the seemingly endless flavor combinations. Consider the Spider Monkey (Mountain Dew with passion fruit, guava, and banana flavorings), the Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Dr Pepper with cherry and pineapple), or the Diamond in the Rough (Coke with coconut, peach puree, and cream) — three of the 120 drink mixes available through the Fizz app.

Each drink begins by picking a base — soda, tea, or soda water — then selecting your flavorings. Choose from existing recommendations, or create a new concoction of your own.

“The menu can be overwhelming,” says owner Camile Hogg. “But you come in and see a friendly face, and the phenomenal employees will help out.”

“It’s a great way to treat yourself, especially when you are running around doing errands,” says Hogg. “It’s inexpensive to grab a quick snack and a drink.”

Soda shops are common in Utah, where Camile and her husband, Tim, lived before moving to Fuquay-Varina. After relocating, they quickly decided to bring that taste of home to their new community.

“It’s something the whole family can enjoy,” says Hogg, especially with their convenient drive-thru window that makes ordering a breeze.

Kids’ drinks are usually made with Sprite or soda water, but the beauty of a custom soda is that anything is possible.

“People try different combos and find what they like,” she says.

Complete your order with one of the shop’s delicious snacks, such as Chonuts (churro donuts), Dough Bites (edible cookie dough), and $1 popcorn buckets.

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