Have a Holiday Happy Hour

Whether you are meeting friends for cocktails or shaking off shopping stress, seasonal sips are an instant mood lifter.

Many local restaurants and bars are offering special holiday libations. Cranberry and apple cider mimosas at The Mill? Count us in. The Mason Jar Tavern’s Twelve Days of Christmas Cocktails can make merry the sternest of... Read More

Art in the Ordinary

In honor of our first Arts Issue, Main & Broad’s chief photographer, Jonathan Fredin, sought to capture the unexpected art hidden in each day.

In Healing Color

It began with a light-bulb moment.

Really, it began again with a light-bulb moment.

Even as a child, Heather Eck loved art; sketching hands and fingers, noticing colors.

“I was always drawing,” she says. “When I was in high school and college, I took a bunch of art classes: sewing, art, sketching, photography.”

In college,... Read More

Woman At Work

Networking, mentorship, business education, multiple streams of revenue — not necessarily concepts you associate with artists. For Holly Springs resident, and yes, artist, Brenda Priest, they have been the focus of her 20-year career as a pen and ink illustrator.

Priest’s study of interior design and architecture led her to an internship where she fell... Read More

Food & Dining

Laurel Bar + Food at Cellar 55

When Bill Wigington and his wife Karyl Wigington opened their boutique wine-and-beer shop Cellar 55 in 2016, they knew incorporating food would be a winning proposition. Laurel Bar + Food opened last fall in the back portion of the business, and locals are finding much to love about the warm, cozy dining space.

“We’ve been... Read More

Moonlight Excursion Baltic Porter from Mason Jar Lager Company

WINTER IS HERE: Breweries have prepared for the onslaught of cold weather by introducing a slew of styles fitting for the arctic air — bigger, richer beers that are great for warming you from the inside out.

The Baltic porter is a lager, meaning the yeast is fermented in cooler temperatures and then stored or... Read More

Life & Style

Knowledge and Inspiration with the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council

Art is a business,” says Jessica Yee, president of the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council. “The goal is to sell something, to be able to make a living.”

Time out. Isn’t this an organization fostering the arts?

I met Yee one morning at Cultivate Coffee to learn more about the Fuquay-Varina Arts Council. Her hair is dyed... Read More

Flair for the Dramatic with Stageworks Theatre

When Dan Barth moved to Wake County in 2011, he was immediately impressed with the community theater talent he saw in the area.

“Honestly, I was a little surprised,” says Barth. “This is a very active and cool location for community theater.”

A longtime veteran of the stage, Barth majored in theater, then worked as... Read More

Home & Garden

The Dogwoods of Winter

If I told you I will be enjoying dogwoods in full flower this winter, you might think: (1) I’m still gulping spiked eggnog leftover from the holidays; or (2) some mad plant breeder has been tinkering with dogwood genes.

Neither is the case. Instead, I have become acquainted with the Japanese cornel dogwood (Cornus officinalis),... Read More

Early Spring: Forcing Tazetta Daffodils

With the summer garden becoming a memory, many backyard growers have hung up their hoes and now turn to the comforts of tending indoor plants. But while there are houseplants that will flower during the coldest times of the year, few seem fast to grow and eager to show. One pretty exception is the tazetta... Read More


The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson

Bankers know it as the birthplace of BB&T. Baseball fans know it for the Tobs collegiate summer baseball team. Tobacco buffs know it was once the “The World’s Greatest Tobacco Market.” BBQ critics die hard for Parker’s Barbecue.

A short drive from southern Wake county, Wilson and its 50,000 residents have a lot to offer.

... Read More

Southern Supreme Fruitcake & More

“Fruitcake has a bad name, but we’re changing it.” says Lisa Scott.

Fruitcake, in all it’s dense, shiny, regiftable glory, has been the punch line of holiday jokes for years, but Lisa and the Scott family aren’t deterred.

Their family business, Southern Supreme Fruitcake & more, in the small North Carolina town of Bear Creek,... Read More