Octo Pils Pilsner from Vicious Fishes Brewery

SO NOBLE: Have you ever experienced a beer of nobility? Doesn’t it sound awesome? Unfortunately varieties of hops known as “noble hops,” aren’t regal or aristocratic. The label came from a 1980s marketing reference for select hops grown in continental Europe. Noble hops are low in bitterness and offer light, spicy, fl oral aromas and are typically used when brewing pilsner-style beers.

SO TASTY: Vicious Fishes Brewery has quite a tasty pilsner with its Octo Pils. Refreshingly clean and crisp, this Bohemian pilsner has a light malt character that is slightly sweet and robust in flavor — as any noble beer should.

SO VICIOUS: This style of beer pairs really well with seafood and shellfish. The Vicious Fish and Chips at Vicious Fishes Tap & Kitchen features a batter made with the pilsner. Thiis is a great example of a beer that complements the food — a light beer with the light flavors of the fish. The two balance each other and are a win-win for your palate!

Vicious Fishes
132 S. Fuquay Ave, Fuquay-Varina
2237 Old US 1, Apex NC
219 Fish Drive, Angier
(919) 762-7876

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