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Countless miles of greenways connect Triangle-area towns. Where will you explore this spring?

Hog Run Mountain Bike Trails at Harris Lake

Harris Lake County Park’s mountain biking trails offer a series of courses designed for varying skill levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced loops are indicated by colored trail blazes and progress from flat terrain to log jumps and wooden ramps. With a dedicated skills zone, riders can practice intermediate and advanced techniques before embarking on the full loop.

Harris Lake Mountain Biking Trail Markers:

Beginner: Blue
Intermediate: Yellow
Advanced: Red

“Mountain biking allows you to take a break from what you are doing and really be out in nature,” says Ashley Subat, park technician at Harris Lake. “Theres a sense of a challenge to conquer the trail.”

In 2018, a flow trail was added as a portion of the advanced trail. This unique element consists of a variety of natural rollers, berms and tabletop dirt jumps, which are designed to limit the need to pedal or brake. Rather, riders can enjoy the ebbs and flows of the landscape.

Park technician and Fuquay resident, Ashley Subat, rides lakeside at Harris Lake County Park.

In cases of rain or extremely high lake levels, the mountain biking trails may close temporarily. Verify trail status at trianglemtb.com or contact the park office before heading out.

BEGIN AT: Cypress Trail parking lot for the beginner loop. Gravel lot on County Park Drive for intermediate and advanced trails.

Harris Lake County Park
2112 County Park Drive, New Hill
(919) 387-4342

White Oak Creek Greenway

Starting at Fred G. Bond Metro Park, the White Oak Creek Greenway traverses winding boardwalks, abundant greenery and a beautiful wetland area (near Green Level Church Road) in west Cary. Best of all, it’s mostly flat and suitable for riders of all abilities.

White Oak Creek Greenway, Cary

This seven-mile greenway section connects to the American Tobacco Trail going west or to Lake Crabtree going northeast creating a continuous stretch of more than 30 miles.

BEGIN AT: Fred G. Bond Metro Park, Bond Park Greenway Trailhead, 801 High House Rd., Cary Greenway parking is also available on Davis Drive.

New to Biking?

Consider these tips for safe riding.

Wear a helmet. While only required by law for riders under the age of 16, it’s the single best way to ride safely for all ages.

Be light and bright. A necessity for commuters, front and rear lights significantly increase visibility and safety on roads. Wear bright or reflective clothing.

Ride in the direction of traffic, on the right. When passing, announce yourself with “on your left,” or use a bell.

Make way for all trail users. Biking trails are often open for hikers, joggers and sometimes horseback riders.

Obey all traffic signs. Stop for red lights and stop signs, for example.

Consider buying a basket to bike, instead of drive, to quick errands or trips to the grocery store.

Let’s Go Ride a Bike

2020 saw a surge in bicycling rates across all demographics. Ten percent of American adults engaged with bicycling in a new way during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bicycle sales surged and availability of bikes and parts became limited.

Share of U.S. Adult Population that Rode a Bicycle During COVID-19

Top Motivators For Riding Bicycles During COVID-19

New Riders:

  1. Stress relief/mental health
  2. Exercise/health
  3. Socializing with friends and family
  4. Relaxation
  5. Being outside
  6. Thrill of the ride, sense of freedom
  7. Active lifestyle

Existing Riders:

  1. Exercise/health
  2. Being outside
  3. Active lifestyle
  4. Stress relief/mental health
  5. Sense of freedom, thrill of the ride, protecting the environment
  6. Spending time alone

Source: 2020 COVID Participation Survey, PeopleForBikes.org

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