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It’s hard to believe that Nicole Migneco has only been decorating cookies professionally for eight months. She first attempted custom sugar cookies for her nephew’s birthday, an attempt she claims was “not a success.”

Migneco “grew up crafty,” she says, so she tried again, and again, and eventually launched Sweet Carolina Cookie Shoppe last April.

Migneco has created cookies for baby showers, Eagle Scout celebrations, birthday parties, corporate promotions and more. In August, she began offering decorating workshops at The Sassy Cow in Fuquay-Varina. Her work is artistic and fun, with adorable details and steady precision. With Nicole’s tips, you, too, can expertly decorate your own holiday cookies.

Migneco’s Holiday assortments come with a platter and three layers of coordinating cookies.

  1. Roll out dough to an even thickness. Otherwise cookies bake unevenly, or icing pools on one side.
  2. Add flavorings to your dough to enhance the taste. Migneco often adds snickerdoodle or pumpkin spice flavorings to her custom creations.
  3. Consistency of icing is key. Migneco uses royal icing that must be “not too thick, not too thin.” Piping her designs provides extra control.
  4. Sketch a design beforehand … or don’t! Migneco admits sometimes she draws an idea on paper first, but many times she’s spontaneous. “It’s fun to go free range sometimes, with no restraint.” A particularly good tactic if children are participating.
  5. Work swiftly; royal icing hardens quickly.
  6. Allow ample drying time at all stages, especially before stacking the cookies to store. Migneco recommends a table top fan or a very low temperature oven for speed drying.

Want extra practice?

Attend one of Sweet Carolina Cookie Shoppe’s decorating workshops at The Sassy Cow. Beginner workshops are offered twice a month and serve as a prerequisite to intermediate and advanced classes.

Sweet Carolina Cookie Shoppe
@Sweet Carolina Cookie Shoppe
(631) 816-0404

Classes offered at The Sassy Cow NC
135 S. Main Street, Fuquay-Varina

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  • Jennifer Ruta says:

    Ive ordered Sweet Carolina Cookies and they were the perfect baby gift to help a family celebrate the birth of their new baby!
    The cookies were delivered perfectly ,tasted delicious and we adorable!

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