Meet & Greet: Steve Gordon

Senior pastor, Piney Grove Baptist Church

Piney Grove Baptist Church recently celebrated its 200th anniversary of ministry. N.C. native Steve Gordon, has ministered at Piney Grove for 19 years.

Hometown: Fayetteville

Church History: 1820 is the year Piney Grove officially became a church. It was founded by a small group of believers — 13 women and 16 men — who were gathered under a brush arbor, just a crude shelter made out of sticks and brush to block out the sun.

The first building was a log cabin located just across the street from where we are now.

Historical perspective: In 1820, Texas wasn’t even a state yet. It was still a part of Mexico. It was the year Daniel Boone died. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were still living.

Good Genes: Since (Piney Grove) was born out of the Second Great Awakening, I often tell our congregation that revival is in our DNA. I really try to fan the flames, since we come from such a great history.

When we walk into glory one day, and we meet all the other members of Piney Grove from the past 200 years, I want them to look at us and say, “Oh, you’re that generation,” and mean it in a positive way.

Celebrations: (September) was a great month spent celebrating an impactful 200 years of ministry! Celebrations included video “well wishes” from past ministers, members and special friends; an outdoor concert with Christian music artist Calvary’s Hill; a church-wide wiffle-ball tournament and the dedication of our 200th Celebration Prayer Garden.

On 2020’s Challenges: We’re doing the very best we can to be responsible for our congregation and responsible to our community. … The church can really help meet the needs of our country. We need to recognize the power of faith by giving people hope and emotional, as well as spiritual, strength.

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