Calling All Photographers!

Submit your favorite photo of 2020

Main & Broad is seeking entries for a special showcase of local photographers in its next issue.

Local professionals can submit to us your favorite photo from 2020. We are looking for photographs of all subjects and genres, including, nature, landscape, wildlife, lifestyle, family, events, travel, action, artistic, journalistic, etc.

Anything from a beautiful sunrise captured on an early morning walk, to the bride and groom of the last wedding you shot before gatherings were cancelled is welcome, and special consideration will be given to images that capture the “essence” of this unique year.

We will publish selections from the entries in a photo essay highlighting 2020’s Most Meaningful Moments — A Showcase of Local Photography.

Please submit entries to

Submissions should include:
  1. High-resolution .jpg of your photo with the photographer’s name in the image title. (Ex. Sunset_JohnSmith.jpg)
  2. Your name and town of residence
  3. The name of your photography business and website or social media handles
  4. 1-3 sentences detailing why you selected this photo and what it means to you. In your eyes, why is this the most meaningful/favorite photo of 2020?
Deadline for submissions: December 21, 2020.

2020’s Most Meaningful Moments — A Showcase of Local Photography will be published in the Feb/March 2021 issue of Main & Broad.

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