Meet & Greet: J. Dwayne Garnett

Love Advocate, CEO of Love is a Parable

J. Dwayne Garnett, founder of Love is a Parable, considers himself a love advocate and believes that the purest essence of every person is love. Photo by Jonathan Fredin

Love is a Parable works with individuals and organizations to provide training in diversity, equity and inclusion, conflict resolution, value-based storytelling, and leading with love.

About: Lives in Fuquay-Varina with his two daughters. Worked previously in higher education and mental and behavioral health. Has a master’s degree in Health Services Administration and an undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation.

Services: The main services that (Love is a Parable) provides are education and training, and a safe space for people to work through that. A lot of times when people are having challenges with employee retention or performance, conflict resolution or conflict navigation, they call on me to help in those situations.

We have individual services for people in the community, and we have corporate training. We even have asynchronous learning that can be self-paced, and we have in-person workshops that can be customized depending on need.

Love is a Parable is definitely one of those resources that you don’t realize you need until you experience it.

In addition to his expertise with love-centered education, Garnett is an experienced actor and musician. He performed in Holly Springs’ own historical musical, Finding Patience. That’s Garnett in red at a rehearsal last summer!

Purpose-Driven: When I first started Love is a Parable, I was experiencing burnout working in the field of higher education. On paper I should have been happy, but I was my most miserable, because even though I was doing everything by the book, I was not living a life full of purpose. Additionally, I grew increasingly exhausted with all the forms of division that exist in our society.

Daily Affirmations:

One of the things we teach is to start your day being intentional, with something to focus on each day. The three things that I focus on each day are: Nothing is too hard for me, nothing is wrong with me, and everything is an opportunity.

My life of purpose is bringing people together and showing people that you don’t have to change your values, or who you are, to be able to get along. That’s one of the things that we believe in with Love is a Parable — we don’t change people’s values; we help individuals identify what they’re valuing, and it’s up to (the individual) if they want to change it.

Love Advocacy: Initially when we started the love advocacy journey, it was really to be intentionally kind and to promote random acts of kindness. I was working on a book that became training material to help people get to a place of being aware of others from a value-based lens — understanding that we all have values, and our values shape the way we see ourselves, others, and the decisions we make.

Your purest essence is love. We help people return to their organic self, and help to see others in that pure love lens as well.

Listen Up: Another daily message we emphasize is: Listen to your feelings. Life tells us, ‘Don’t be emotional.’ At Love is a Parable, we say, ‘No, be very emotional.’ Your feelings are actually signals. They’re telling you something, and it’s up to you to listen and decide how to respond accordingly.

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