Meet & Greet: Taylor McGee

Founder and Owner, Curated Craft Marketplace and Pop-up Markets

Owner Taylor McGee is a fiber artist, and recently installed a floor loom in the rear of the shop to create weavings on-site.

Curated Craft Marketplace opened in January of this year, showcasing the unique creations of North Carolina-based artisans and makers in historic downtown Fuquay-Varina.

EARLY ON: My family has a lot of artists and art teachers. From an early age, I saw that people do this as a job. I took a weaving course at Meredith, and totally fell in love with weaving.

POP-UP MARKETS: Cultivate Coffee gave me the opportunity to host the first pop-up market with about 10 to 12 vendors (in 2021). This year we’ll also host a larger market series on Depot Street with live music and food trucks.

Handcrafted candles by Oak City Scents.

MAKING A MARKETPLACE: I wanted a storefront for a while, and kept an eye out for about two years. Then I had to make a quick decision about the space on Main Street. We love being here with more established retail in a central area where we get to really be a part of what’s going on in the community.

The products in the shop are curated, meaning I select what’s on display. Customers can also go meet the artists at the markets and see a broader range of what they offer. We have mostly NC-based makers and artists.

ART EDUCATION: A lot of people who sell their work also teach. I wanted to make that connection between artist and customer. The educational experience is important to me. There is workshop space in the back of the store for classes taught by the artists.

Mugs by Pottery Ry and handpainted wine glasses by The Buzzing Bee Collective.

From fine art to pottery, jewelry to handmade dog accessories, and folk art to vintage finds, the marketplace offers a broad range of gift items that promote the creativity of NC artists.

IN-PERSON: As an artist and business owner, I am excited and passionate about the things I create, but know it can be difficult to get the word out. I wanted to make a space where people who are making beautiful things have an opportunity to share them in person, not online, where customers can touch and experience the art in person.

FAMILY: My son, River, and mom, Meagan Forzaglia, are in the shop with me almost every day. I knew when I opened a store it had to include family.

214 S. Main St., Fuquay-Varina | @curatedcraftmarketplace

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