Sir Eric Lindbeck

Secretary/treasurer and founder of The Sword Conservatory Inc.

Lindbeck's armor weighs 75 pounds and includes a maile shirt and custom made steel coverings for his feet, legs, forearms and hands.

Family: wife, Melissa, son, 5-year-old Xander, daughter, 2-year-old Emma

Day Job: Senior Services Architect at Dimension Data, an international IT support company

His start: Seeing a medieval fighting demonstration in full armor at a Renaissance festival hooked me into the hobby as an adult.

Teaches: Medieval sword fighting with a variety of weapons (swords, shields, daggers and pikes to name a few); unarmed medieval combat, historical fencing and maritime sword fighting.

Loves: The opportunity to learn, practice and experience something that was lost for hundreds of years. When I perform a maneuver that came from one of the historical sources (especially while wearing historical equipment and clothing), I know that I’m one of the very few people around today who has. What continues to motivate me is being part of the rediscovery of these once-lost martial arts and sharing them with a new generation.

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