Meet & Greet: Jen Grimes

Founder and owner, Rooted Plant Supply

Jen (and her husband Collin) converted a 1998-era school bus into a mobile plant shop frequently found at the Holly Springs Farmers Market and events around town selling indoor tropical plants and coaching customers on plant care.

HISTORY: Rooted Plant Supply started as a hobby, kind of a distant dream, and because of covid we were able to have some time at home. My husband and I decided to give it a go and turn our hobby, our passion, into a business.

THE BUS: We landed on the bus as a fun, nostalgic thing you can do with a mobile shop. We completely gutted it. We took out all the seats, put in vinyl flooring and wood panels on the walls. We built shelves using old barnwood. It’s a cozy, wooden farmhouse type feel. Then we had to actually make it viable for plants to live in. It is a full greenhouse on wheels with an AC unit, heating, circulation fans, and a misting system.

PASSION FOR PLANTS: By having house plants, you bring nature into your home. It’s proven that having plants boosts your mood and productivity. It really does wonders for mental health and brings a beautiful aesthetic to people’s homes.

BEGINNERS WELCOME: There are plants for everyone. There are some truly hardy plants that are easy to care for and won’t die on you. We are really trying to encourage people and their ability to take care of a healthy plant. We recommend plants so customers can start slowly and build confidence.

Popping up at the Holly Springs Farmers Market almost every Saturday.

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