Meet the Social Media Coordinator: Arlem Mora


Have you ever wondered who the mastermind is behind all of our social media posts, virtual giveaways, and Instagram Reels? As part of our ongoing “meet the team” series, we’re excited to introduce Arlem Mora, Main & Broad’s social media coordinator (and the bubbliest person in the office by far)!

Introduce yourself! 

Hi, friends. I am Arlem Mora, Social Media Coordinator for Main & Broad. I was born and raised in Nicaragua and moved to the US with my husband in 2014. I spent half a decade working in broadcasting behind the camera as a freelance videographer, photographer, and graphic designer. 

Coolest place you’ve ever lived? 

This is a tricky question! I lived in Jordan, in the Middle East, with my husband, and it was a fascinating experience! Saying that, I was born and raised on an island called Ometepe, made of twin volcanoes — one dormant and one active — so this is probably the most extraordinary place I ever lived. My eyes are tearing up a bit! 

Biggest fears? 

Darkness, no doubt! AND airplanes, snakes, ticks, and a lack of values and courtesy in our society. 

Most prized possession? 

My wedding ring. Besides being beautiful, it reminds me of my love and respect for my husband.  

Arlem with her mother, Reyna (left)

Who is your hero? 

My mom. She raised four kids as a single mom in a developing country. She gave us food, a roof, and an education. Sometimes when I feel I can’t do things, or when life is difficult, I just remember how she overcame obstacles, and this gives me the strength to keep moving forward! 

Name one thing that instantly makes your day better! 

A morning jog/walk with my dog, Rocco — a 70-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback. Find him on Instagram! @roccochulo  

Biggest challenge you’ve ever faced? 

When I graduated from high school, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to university. This was a big decision, financially and emotionally. I said yes, but that meant moving by myself to the capital of my country, Managua. I was just 16 years old and afraid of what life had prepared for me.  

If your pet could talk, what do you think he’d say about you? 

Please stop singing!!!!!! 

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? 

Enhanced longevity/superhuman strength, the same as Thor Odinson. Big MCU fan here! 

Pick a soundtrack for your life! 

“Forever in Blue Jeans” by Neil Diamond.  

How did you meet your husband? 

Arlem with her husband, Bobby (and Rocco, of course)

I met him the old-school way, in a bar. I was talking with someone when I suddenly heard a contagious laugh. I turned around, and there he was! A handsome and fascinating man. I was smitten. Ten years later, after traveling around the world, we decided to buy a pooch and a house in Cary. I couldn’t ask for more. Life is good. 

Favorite thing about your job? 

My profession allows me to indulge my inner creator. I love creating and putting things together and crafting images and videos that tell a story. Through my work, I get to share impactful issues and what’s happening in my community. 


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