Free Art in Southern Wake? #ArtandFound

Art by Heather Eck

Listen up, art lovers — the opportunity to score some free original artwork is right around the corner (and so is the art)!  

Art and Found Day was founded by Courtney Senior, a Toronto-based artist who kick-started her career by wrapping up her original works of art and leaving them around her community for people to find (similar to a treasure hunt). Each artwork came with a note that read, “Hello, I’m an original abstract painting in need of a loving home. FREE ART #ArtandFound.” After realizing the positive impact this had on the community and the great deal of interest it generated within the art world, Art and Found Day was born. 

Over 400 artists in 33 countries will be participating March 12, including Holly Springs artist Heather Eck. This will be Eck’s second year taking part. 

Eck consulted a spiritual teacher before leaving a career in human resources to paint full time. Pictured here with “Hallelujah.”

“Last year I left two of my original abstract art pieces in Holly Springs. I realized they needed to venture out of the studio and into a loving home,” said Eck. “This year I plan to share four pieces with Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina. I’ll be leaving two small original pieces and two hand-embellished prints for folks to find and keep.”  

For the past year, Eck has been exploring abstract realism in her home-based studio in Holly Springs, painting humanity and animals in bold color portraits. This year, she will be getting back to her roots with spiritual portraits — bold abstract pieces that act as a snapshot of someone’s spiritual energy.  

“This is where my work started, and it’s what feels most natural to me,” said Eck.  

During last year’s Art and Found Day, Eck posted a reel on Instagram that received almost 3,000 views and plenty of fun and uplifting comments from the community. One recipient was touched just as much by Eck’s words as her artwork, sharing that the encouraging message that Eck had included in the package had helped her through a particularly hard time.  

“She was very grateful she found it,” says Eck.  

Unfortunately, art often has a reputation for being expensive and hard to come by. As an artist, Eck believes that everyone should have an opportunity to be a collector.  

“We need art in our homes — art tells a story. It encourages us to slow down and appreciate this beautiful, colorful and unique work. It allows us to enjoy the time, talent and skill that goes into creating a piece. And if we’re lucky, we get to meet the artist or hear the story behind the work. That, to me, is where the true gift of art is.” 

If you’d like to read more about Eck’s work, check out our feature “In Healing Color.” 

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